The hyperbaric chamber MALAGA

Hyperbaric Medicine is the medical use of oxygen at pressures above atmospheric pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recommended to combat the effects of periods of intense physical or mental work such as fatigue, exhaustion and stress, but is also suitable for multiple medical, sports and aesthetic conditions.


Hospital Vithas International Xanit of Benalmádena has Unit Hyperbaric Medicine CMR-X, Center for Regenerative Medicine , with the best hyperbaric chamber German technology, DRAGER HIPERMED 220 and a large team of professionals, doctors, nurses and technicians, for offer the best hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

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About Us

Jesus Barrionuevo

Technical Specialist Hyperbaric Medicine

Jesus is professional diver 1st class (deep), professional diver instructor, specialist facilities and diving systems, cutting and hyperbaric welding, underwater explosives. Diver NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical), trimix instructor mixture and mix nitrox instructor by Trimix Scuba Association. Oxygen administration by Scuba Schools International . Hyperbaric Oxygenation expert.

OUR hyperbaric chamber
DRAGER Hypermed 220

The Center for Regenerative Medicine International Vithas Hospital Xanit of Benalmádena, Málaga has a hyperbaric chamber last generation, which integrates the most advanced technological innovations of the time, allowing treatments to be carried out in an efficient, safe and convenient way for the patient.