The use of the Hyperbaric Chamber has been approved for the treatment of diabetic foot by the strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US agency responsible for food and drug regulation. In Spain, one of the centers that have more prestige in the use of this technology is Corner Salud. “We use the hyperbaric chamber to treat all patients with trophic lesions in the lower limbs of diabetic and vascular etiology in general. When the patient comes to us, which is usually when he has already developed the problem, we focus on getting repaired or reversing the injury as soon as possible, ”says Dr. Ane Escribano Uzcudun, a member of the CornerHealth medical team and specialties in Oncology, Nutrition , Hyperbaric Medicine, Pathology of Diving and Altitude.

“When tissue revascularization is not possible or insufficient, we apply hyperbaric oxygenation. The patient is treated daily at an environmental pressure of 2.4-2.5 ATA, 5 sessions a week. It is evaluated weekly to see the evolution of the lesions ”, continues Dr. Ana Castaño Cantos, member of the medical team of CornerSalud and specialist in Oncology, Nutrition, Hyperbaric Medicine, Pathology of Diving and Altitude. With this technique, oxygenation occurs in poorly vascularized tissues. And, in addition, a marked bactericidal effect.

And the overall experience has been excellent from the optional point of view as well as satisfactory for the patients. Manuel Romanillos, a patient with diabetes who has come to the clinic to treat his diabetic foot, attests to this in the report issued in the Ana Rosa program. But he is not the only one who has experienced a great improvement in his limb and has avoided an eminent amputation.

The Hyperbaric Chamber and the hyperbaric medicine unit in Malaga

In Malaga we have one of the best Hyperbaric Chambers in Spain, it is located in the Vithas Xanit Hospital of Benalmádena, and you can meet it by visiting the website