A health work group

Of all the fields that make up the world of medicine, there is one that especially requires the highest level by its professionals. This is none other than thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, the one that saves millions of lives through complicated operations. Great researchers have shaken hands to launch new techniques that improve both the surgical process and the recovery by the patient.

At the core of this reality TAVI is born, a revolutionary methodology based on the implantation of the aortic valve with the least possible aggressiveness. This translates into the consequent rapid recovery of those who undergo the treatment. A way to make a further leap in the processes of surgery and continue to evolve towards a better future.

As a result of the innovation that this operation technique has entailed, the TAVI working group emerges. The largest experts in the sector gathered on the same website created from the Spanish Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. TaviSpain is a crucial platform both for doctors who are beginning to specialize in this sector, and for patients who have been diagnosed and require this treatment.

The website includes a section for patients, (https://tavispain.com/pacientes/) in which the characteristics of this technique are explained, another for professionals, where news and advances about the technique are published, and a map of centers with surgical coverage (https://tavispain.com/mapa-centros-tavi-sectcv/).

Among TAVISPAIN’s development plans, the inclusion of training activities for professionals at national and international level stands out.

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