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TAVI: implantation of transcatheter aortic valve

All this explains that the need for this new revolutionary treatment is a reality for many and a medical milestone of great relevance, so much that it has given rise to the website TAVISPAIN, portal on TAVI of the Spanish Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (SECTCV), a specialized platform that turns out to be the first globally dedicated to TAVI (and Therefore, each page of the portal also has its English version).

This technique translates into the implantation of a transcatheter aortic valve which, as the name implies, is an implant that is placed without performing the sternum section or stopping the heart , thus avoiding the need to use the circulation extracorporeal In other words, this technique entails less aggressiveness, minimizing its risks, and it is also characterized by having patients a shorter recovery period.

It is possible to say that, like all the interventions or treatments, it is the specialist who must decide which patients are the most indicated to be operated with this type of technique. But we must bear in mind that its implementation cannot be done in any hospital. In fact, should always be done in centers with surgical coverage and must be endorsed by cardiovascular surgeons , anesthetists, perfusionists and nursing professionals specialized in this type of interventions. This is because these specialists are the only ones who could solve the potential complications that may occur during the operation. In Spain, for example, there are almost thirty centers that meet the appropriate characteristics.

Both the president of the Spanish Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Dr. Hornero Sos, and Doctor Gómez Vidal, coordinator of the TAVI Working Group of the SECTCV, endorse and lead a project that, despite having risks (like all interventions) greatly minimizes the impact on the human body. Not surprisingly, this portal is having a great media impact on specialized media such as Ocronos, an health magazine that publishes medical and nursing articles. And the truth is that this technique is at the forefront of other known treatments to address this cardiovascular pathology.

Excerpted from article Everything you need to know about the TAVI technique